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Hello, I would like to introduce to this thing known as 30 things i like and 30 things i hate.
The Rules, wait if you tagged someone before, you should know how this goes. Okay.

I Like...

1. Exploring/Travelling to various places
2. Trying new out new foods
3. Playing video games on my Console
4. Vocaloid (I don't have a fave, but it would have to be Miriam. The others are equally great)
5. Toontown (It was my thing back when i was a child!)
6. Listening to the radio (Well, either normal or Top 40 stations depending if the playlist is tolerable or not)
7. Making music (I'm a beginner, so expect some things i whip up sound bad)
8. Collecting various items (You never know what you might find in the bargain bin!)
9. Reading (Well only if i get worried when i go to bed or maybe during the day, but rarely)
10. Drawing and Painting (Well, once in a while. I just need motivation)
11. Relaxing/Daydreaming (It can be a way to relive my past)
12. Summery Weather (The sunset at 9pm and the warm air just fits the mood...)
13. Going around Town (I love looking at the shops...well, for SOME reason) 
14. Creating user-made content on games like Sims (I'm a MASTER at Sims 3 builds. Sims 4? Not so much, blame the content!)
15. Choosing stylish outfits (I want to go out in style...)
16. Opening presents (I never know what i might get ;))
17. People that are nice to me (Even in those sad times....)
18. Organizing things (I like collecting, so I usually put things in a row, making them look admirable)
19. Music Games (Project Diva is da bomb with Rhythm Heaven!)
20. People that are relate-able in the saddest of situations

I Hate...

1. People on Youtube who try to copy other popular Youtubers so they can be "swaggy" (You're not going to go anywhere in life with only 250 subscribers if you want to earn money!)
2. People who call me a weeaboo just because i like Vocaloid (A REAL weeaboo is when someone shoehorns in Japanese culture all the time. (That's what i think...) I don't really do that. )
3. Growing Pains (Well, i don't look that much different when i was like, 8 or 10... I've had mature habits since i was 8 or 9....)
4. Fandoms that fight over recoloured OCs, pairings, and even fetishes. (Don't get me started on GoAnimate. Ugh.)
5. Being put with the mentally-disabled just because i am autistic (I'm not trying to be offensive here, but i do try and fit in with normal people. I just don't want annoying disabled people on my side.)
6. Overplayed songs on the radio (I know some can sound good, but it gets annoying after about a whopping 50 listens...)
7. Children who swear, smoke and drink energy drinks at the age of SEVEN (That started to happen like, ten years ago. I'm glad i didn't end up like them.)
8. Old People (I live in a town full of dying and old people and it just feels more disturbing than boring...My parents look just like they did when i first saw them as a baby, they're middle aged now.)
9. Scams and ripoffs (It happens all the time in England, mostly people from other countries)
10. British sayings (Don't get me annoyed, I feel like i'm the only one who uses American terms around these parts...)
11. Being hated on for making opinions (This is deviantArt. I am free to express what I am able to say. It's ALSO where i jot all my thoughts down.)
12. Things exclusive to other countries that you cannot get without paying a huge fee (Mainly Hot Topic...I want some of their stuff so bad ; - ; )
13. People who type wrong for the sake of humor (Sorry, i don't get things like this at all)
14. All Vines. (Those five-second videos don't even make me laugh. Sorry.)
15. Freemium App-Advertising (I know it happened with games like Toontown, except it was only for ONE BIG THING instead of "Currency".)
16. Dry Skin (I had this blister for two years and it STILL won't go away, even with moisturizer) 
17. Being interrupted in the middle of something big like a movie climax or beating a final boss of a video game.
18. Good-looking clothes that do not fit me or are girls-only. (And i'm talking athletic fashion styles!)
19. Being scared of little things that come out of nowhere, like spiders
20. Region locked things like Nintendo games on newer systems

TAGGED (I tried as many as i can!)

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Reruns
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water


The One and Only!
Artist | Student | Other
United Kingdom
Hi there!
I am an autistic British-Austrian gamer from the United Kingdom who likes travelling and playing video games! I usually experiment with different styles that you can find in my gallery. I tend to take inspiration from other artists i know about...sometimes around this site.

Someday, i would want to live in the United States, so i could explore the 48 States and even Canada by car so i can see what life is like there.


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