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I really like this twist on the nostalgic Pick-a-toon feature on this fun, toony game. It adds more excitement, humour and even some cu...

Toontown--Leafy Tiger by JayneCroyez

This drawing of your toon known as Leafy Tiger from Disney's Toontown online seems very creative in a way i would like to love about it...

Alphacraft's Cruise Ship by Yazur
by Yazur

This cruise boat is a masterpiece when it comes to minecraft architecture. It is big and bright, making a big impact to the sea. The bo...

Wobbuffet by xXHeartless-RosesXx

It's very good! i really like how this pokemon was drawn ver nicely inded, along with that beautiful background with the colours blendi...

Those are all the critiques I've given to deviations.
Best Friends!
Great Toontown Artists!



Journal History


July - I move into my new house with Wi-Fi
August - I first join Club Penguin
September - Children discover YouTube and laugh at things that aren't supposed to be funny
October - Downfall Begins
December - I get my first Pokemon game - Pokemon Pearl


Feburary - I get expelled from Primary School because i thought education was stupid which become one of my biggest regrets.
March-September - I had a home teacher that provided me with School work.
April - I grinded endlessly to Max my Bossbot Suit on TTO.
July - I started listening to that radio station that was perfect for me. It had little to no talk and a perfectly balanced playlist.
November - Earliest known Google Street View map i could revisit PARTIALLY 
December - I had one of the best Christmases ever. Loads of family members came over.


Janurary - My first day at Secondary School
April - My pet dog i had since i was born dies.
May - I had one of the best birthdays ever/Earliest known Google Street View map i could revisit FULLY
June-August - I was happy that time so much I missed out on such things i never got to do...
September - I missed out on a big trip to McDonald's and got detention. I also missed summer and (i thought) i got terminated from Toontown..
October-November - Depression Strikes..
November - My Great Nan dies at 100....


Feburary - Childhood Ends...
April - I stopped watching Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior
May - I become a Teenager
June - Person joins school and torments me so much he makes my life a living hell
August - I visited Los Angeles, California in the USA


Feburary - Social Networking/iPhones takes over my parent's life
March - Depression ends/Positivity Regains because of Nintendo 3DS release
July - Radio station i listened to gets replaced with a stupid one.
October - Youtube gets unblocked at that school, causing random videos to be played out of nowhere at it


March - Coldest Spring i had.
August - Puberty Strikes/Ends with deeper voice
September - I join dA/rediscover Toontown and reunite with Prince Leroy Bizzenpow after that hiatus
October - Friend at Secondary School hates me now...FOR NO REASON.
December - I didn't believe in the Mayan thing.


Feburary - I was happy again
April - I lost interest in Chart/Top 40 Music
May - Prince Leroy Bizzenpow gets terminated...FOR NO REASON ON MY BIRTHDAY
June - Mother loses fun Self Storage job that i could look/play around in
July - I get out of that once good but now torturous secondary school
June-September - Streetlights around town get replaced with ugly, modern looking ones
August - I visit France for the first time in 5 years for two weeks
September - Toontown Online closes/I enroll in College
October - Key wars begin, causing the Toontown fanbase to go into overload


Janurary - My mother gets a new job involving work in a boring office.
Feburary - People won't shut up about an overrated app that shall not be named because WHY NOT?!
July - Last WATCHABLE Sitcom gets cancelled/Best friend breaks up with me
August - I visit France again, but for ONE WEEK because of my Mother's new job.
July-September - Last good shop in my town closes/Town becomes a stale place to explore
September - Key Wars end, but the fanbase still sucks/Uncle retires from a hotel job, therefore cancelling the Boxing Day party at it for a year (hopefully).
November - Growing up depression strikes again, but worse/Dad tells me to "grow up" and "be a man"
December - I worry about death/I want eternal life/I want to be a kid again


Janurary - I refuse to go into town until now...which is still stale../I found out about my great grandmother's death at 93 back in December
I'll do anything to go back...even if it is only one fix up my mistakes and most of avoid death...
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: Fanmade TV Screenplays
  • Watching: Television online
  • Playing: Toontown Rewritten and Sims 4
  • Eating: Fish fingers
  • Drinking: Water and coke


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The One and Only!
Artist | Student | Other
United Kingdom
Hello there.
I am an autistic College Student/Artist/Gamer and i live in England. I can feel isolated and left out at times, but there's always people looking to support me. I have travelled to various places in Europe including Austria and France. I've been to America twice and someday, i would want to live there.
Nationality: Quarter Austrian, Other British
Age: 17
Current Residence: Southern United Kingdom
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